Shopify Plus is the platform's enterprise-grade workhorse for high-volume, international merchants and sales teams


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We're specialists in Shopify Plus projects

Shopify Plus is a high-volume, high-performance sales platform that provides ambitious merchants specialist features that allow them to scale up their operations effortlessly.

A changing landscape

Shopify Plus represents a seismic shift in the demands of high-growth, high-volume businesses who expect more from the engine that powers their online shopping experiences.

Rapid advances in technology, connectivity and the possibilities of global scale means that outsourcing support, upgrades and maintenance to a single vendor means is a reality - and that companies can now aggressively streamline their sales infrastructure. That means spending the time they save on creating incredible brand experiences that attract new customers, convert prospective ones and serve their existing ones.

A formidable response to enterprise-grade demands

Shopify Plus is used by some of the world’s most high-performing brands and businesses across the market’s most competitive consumer sectors. Putting simple, extensible and powerful technology at the heart of ambitious eCommerce strategies makes scale, structure, measurement and reporting part of true competitive distinction.

With more than 3,500 enterprise clients, Shopify Plus is focused on high-growth, high-volume merchants who take their investment in eCommerce seriously. Packed with powerful features, simple management tools and rich in the ability to deliver huge customisation and extension, Shopify Plus is a platform that plugs the gaps in traditional eCommerce platforms, because of the company’s approach to focusing on solving real user problems.

Shopify Differentiator Flag

Traditional enterprise platforms are time-intensive to implement, sluggish to deploy, and often require a number of specialists to manage them. Under Shopify Plus, things are very different - it’s a platform that is lightweight in administration and heavyweight in delivery.

  1. Traditional enterprise platforms:

    • Can have long lead and development times.
    • Integrations are often custom and can be inflexible.
    • Can take weeks to set up and confirm licensing deals.
    • Often require dedicated hosting via expensive third parties.
    • Require architects and specialists for implementation and management.
  2. Shopify Plus:

    • Can take as little as two months in implementation times.
    • Pre-existing connectors can be applied via a comprehensive App Store.
    • APIs are standardised, documented and simple to use.
    • It’s a 100% cloud-based, on-demand service.
    • Typically, only content managers are required for ongoing management.

We're migration specialists.

In the last two years we've migrated numerous clients from Magento, Demandware and various other, traditional 'enterprise grade' platforms.

  1. Magento

    Magento is one of the most popular enterprise-level eCommerce platforms, and it's highly present across all major online sales sectors. Like all platforms, it's got it's own benefits and drawbacks. We're seasoned in helping Magento store owners and eCommerce teams make the leap from Magento to Shopify to help them meet their strategic goals.

  2. Demandware (Salesforce Commerce Cloud)

    Demandware is an enterprise-grade eCommerce framework that serves some of the largest, high-volume businesses in the world. It's certainly got its merits - but for smaller merchants, demanding a simpler, lower-overhead solution, it can be a heavy and unwieldy solution to the simple problems they're trying to solve.

  3. WooCommerce

    With an absolutely staggering number of websites built on the platform, WooCommerce is the Wordpress answer to eCommerce - and will often serve as a small merchant's first foray into the world of digital sales. When it's time to scale up a sales operation, however, we're on hand to help merchants make the switch to a more powerful platform in Shopify and the Plus platform.

  4. Custom Builds

    The Internet is a rapidly changing landscape, and we see all manner of websites and web applications being used to manage sales - some of which are completely custom built. We've got a lot of experience in helping to analyse your existing featureset and build - and work out exactly how to switch you out to a Shopify build that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

As well as being an incredibly sophisticated sales platform, the Shopify Plus platform is packed full of benefits that make it an incredibly attractive proposition for digital businesses that demand the best from their sales platform.

  1. Unrestricted in design

    Shopify Plus is an open canvas - a completely design agnostic platform with essentially limitless aesthetic potential. That means that in sectors where individual and distinct brand identities are key to winning customers, Shopify Plus is a fantastic choice for putting a company’s best foot forward.

  2. Ongoing business critical support

    Shopify Plus shines both during project development and after. Subscription to the Plus platform means that customers have access to 24/7 support - no answering machines or callbacks. As part of your membership, you’ll have access to a dedicated Merchant Success Manager (MSM) throughout his or her relationship with Shopify Plus.

  3. Automation - Shopify Flow

    Shopify flow allows merchants to create automated rules very simply, without any development expertise. It offers merchants the ability to trigger a huge variety of functions based on any event through the customer cycle.

  4. Automation - LaunchPad

    Function: Launchpad allows you to pre-schedule changes to your site in advance (days, weeks, etc.). These can be product releases, special promotions, modifications to your theme or complete theme changes. It's really easy to use with little to zero development resource required.

  5. Shopify Script Editor

    Shopify Plus comes bundled with a powerful script editor - which allows developers to build bespoke functionality and integrations at the point of checkout - allowing huge possibilities for both customer and operational experience.

  6. Wholesale Channel

    We have a number of clients that run very sophisticated, advanced B2B operations alongside their direct to consumer propositions - and the Shopify Plus wholesale Channel has revolutionised their operations.

Hear from our clients

We have recently migrated from Demandware to Shopify Plus and selected BAO as our design and integration agency. BAO impressed us from the start with their speedy grasp of our business needs. The team at BAO have a very thorough knowledge of Shopify and Shopify Plus. They were under pressure to deliver 4 new Shopify stores for us within a very short time period. Not only did they achieve this but actually had the sites ready a day before the go live date. Start to finish the project took less than 3 months.

Claire Dixey - Global Head of eCommerce

One word - Legends. This project was not straight forward and they embraced the challenge with enormous professionalism. BAO are brilliant communicators and collaborators which meant that we felt involved and were able to consult throughout the development process. Not once did we have that feeling of being left in the dark. They are great problem solvers as well - if we hit a hurdle they found a way over it. Clear (and agreed) objectives and project plan which was adhered to and no budget creep. And distance was no barrier either - in fact the UK/Australia time difference made the process even more productive.

Jacki Smith - Owner

We can honestly describe working with BAO as one of our best decisions while migrating to Shopify Plus. BAOs job was to adjust the design of our old web design to Shopify. It was a difficult task with countles problems to solve along the way and a very little time available. They managed to do it faster than sheduled. After finishing the project we still co-operate and BAO developers constantly improve our webfront. They are really committed, helpful and work fast. The biggest value of working with them though is the knowledge that BAO is a trustworthy partner. They will not ( and we an example of that) accept an assigment they know they wouldn’t be able to deliver on time or satisfying quality

Jakub Gierasimiuk - CEO