Magento to Shopify Plus replatform for premium stone and fire product innovators, Gozney

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Gozney Cover

Project Overview

Gozney's brand was born with a singular mission in mind - to make world-class food more accessible. Founded in 2010, the business specialise in premium stone and fire products in both home and commercial settings and sell to consumers and business alike, internationally. Gozney approached BAO to commission a complete replatforming of their existing Magento infrastructure - migrating a complex international store configuration to Shopify Plus, on a highly ambitious 16-week timeframe.

In Numbers:

  • 32

    Pages designed

  • 5

    International stores

  • 9

    BAO team members

  • 200+

    Content metafields

Design summary

Marrying luxury design aesthetic with practical, conversion-focused information design is a challenge in any sector. We combined Gozney's reputation as high-end product innovators with best-in-class eCommerce design to create a design system that is minimal and simple to navigate - while simultaneously communicating the kind of product information key to making high-value eCommerce purchases.


The new site needed to clearly signpost users between domestic and commercial products, whilst establishing Gozney as the world's number 1.

Gozney Home

Residential home

The residential landing page is geared towards online conversion by building trust and credibility. Products are highlighted alongside user reviews and globally recognised publishing brands.

Gozney Residential Home

Commercial home

Commercially, we're talking to a different audience so ensuring that build quality and case studies were highlighted was key to this pages success.

Gozney Commercial Home


Traditional collection page broken up with interspersed call-to-action cards.


Residential product

Conversion first but detail oriented pages to sell the residential ovens. We created an immersive page with varied content types to keep the user engaged, whilst deploying best-practice tricks such as a fixed buy button and up-selling accessories.

Residential Product

Commercial product

These products aren't available for purchase online, so the KPI was on creating engagement via telephone and the quick contact form. Both of these are signposted in a fixed call to action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Commercial Product

Mobile Design

With more than 75% of the site's traffic coming from mobile sources, it was critical to make sure that the brand experience was seamless on mobile and tablet devices - not just desktop.

It was a real pleasure to work with the Gozney team - they take digital design as seriously as their industrial design, and there was a perfect natural fit between our approach and their ambitions. Thrilled with the result and very excited about out future working relationship.

Joe Trippett - Creative Director, BAO