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Product Photography

We offer professional product photography services for the discerning retailer. Our clients appreciate that perceived value will lead to an increase in their conversion rates.

Selling products online removes geographical barriers, but it also removes scale, tactility and an underlying understanding of an items' worth.

Crucial to converting your websites' visitors into transacting customers is the one thing connecting them to the item/s they're interested in - your product photography. 

With our roots firmly embedded in the fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics sectors, we truly understand the role product photography plays in the world of e-Commerce today. We've seen first hand how poor product photography can lead to awful sales figures on even the most desirable, competitively priced products.

e-Commerce websites by their very nature are frameworks. Yes, they will be beautifully designed with regard to UI (User Interface) and the user journey will have been heavily considered. However, they are only ever as successful as the products they sell and selling them, is more often than not, down to how well these products are presented to the visitor. Alongside clear, well written copywriting, the product photography is the single most important element of any online retailer.

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