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Powering over 250,000 e-Commerce stores globally, Magento offers unrivalled flexibility and integration options making it the number one enterprise level platform.

One of the most popular questions we get asked as an agency - "Should I use Magento for my e-Commerce website?".

Magento is an extremely powerful open source e-Commerce platform used by some of the worlds biggest brands.

Clients come to us seeking to understand what Magento has to offer and how it varies from other platforms in it's class, as well as some hosted solutions such as Shopify. Well, Magento can be configured to be an extremely feature rich e-Commerce option, primarily because it's an open source platform which means that every line of code that powers its functionality is available for custom development.

Unlike a hosted solution for instance, Magento requires complete configuration of every aspect of it for set-up. For a little context here, we'll use Shopify as an example. With Shopify, it simply isn't possible for instance, to alter the appearance of the underlying admin panel or engine as it where, neither can you do a great deal with the checkout pages as this is where its worth lies. It's locked down and very secure, it works and that's all there is to it. With Magento on the other hand, a completely bespoke skin could be applied to the administration panel, the addition, removal or adaptation of any number of functions can be implemented. We can amend the layout and way in which customers checkout with full access to the entire codebase. Integrations with countless payment gateways, in-house systems and the ability to completely tailor and refine any element of your store is possible with Magento.

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