Branding and identity services that change the way our clients communicate

Branding Hero

What we do

We help companies of all sizes, from new startups to established corporates with their branding - and we present them in their market in unforgettable ways. Whether that's a clever logo re-alignment for a 50-year-old brand, or helping with the creative process for a new brand name, our team can help at any stage of your company's lifecycle.

  1. Audience, market & purpose

    Memorable, intelligent brands take a clear understanding of a company's core values and culture. Good brand identity should be easily visually digested and readily adaptable to any application - and we've got more than twenty years of experience in brand identity. It's important that we build an understanding of who your customers are, what they expect and how you want to be perceived - and then we can put forward clear concepts that hit all parts of the brief.

  2. Logo, type and marque

    We offer a complete design service, from graphic design, logo development, corporate & brand identity, printed media & packaging as well as digital media & video assets. At the heart of branding projects are the right combination of logo development, typography and visual cues that reflect both the company's personality and the aspirations of it's major audience demographics.

  3. Brand guidelines & usage

    Often, the hardest part of successful branding projects is protecting the vision once it's been put out into the real world. We can help construct usage guidelines that help you, your team and the press to use your brand system in the way that we've designed it - to preserve the integrity of the brand.

  4. Review & evolution

    Markets change, and so does consumer behaviour and expectation. We can help to review a longstanding brand, evaluate it and advise on how to evolve and modernise it to move with the market.

Our process

Branding V2

We use an intelligent, finely tuned process that puts collaboration and iteration at the heart of any of our commercial branding projects.

  1. Purpose & audience

    We're naturally curious and strategically inquisitive - because it's so important to ask the right questions. Who is your current user, customer or client demographic? Is this aligned with your targets? How do we appeal to, market to and create brand loyalty with them? It might be that you're neglecting a key area for growth or communication or simply missing the mark when engaging with them - and we can help you shape your vision.

  2. Position & narrative

    We produce brand identities that powerfully position brands within their market. Even the greatest ideas and products need clear definition and alignment with prospective customers. Sometimes this is really simple - it might all boil down to a strap-line, an overarching visual style or particularly considered tone of copy but it's this that connects you with users when executed properly.

  3. Concept design

    We work hard to put together concepts that reflect our conversation, collaboration and the position that we've decided to place the brand in. Usually, number of concepts are issued in order to narrow down a visual position, and then together, we'll decide on the exact direction to pursue in line with the outcomes of the project.

  4. Iteration & delivery

    After the initial concepts have been signed off, we work closely with you to iterate on the idea until we've got a final version. We'll put new tweaks forward, guided by your feedback, until we're really confident that the work hits the mark. Then we deliver all of the materials together so you can get your new product, site or campaign underway.