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We develop apps that are intuitive to use and integrate flawlessly with Shopify.

Making a great platform even better.

We utilise all our experience in developing web and mobile apps to deliver fast and intuitive apps on the Shopify platform.

What is a Shopify App?

Shopify Apps are extensions to the Shopify system to add additional functionality to a store that is not provided by Shopify out of the box.

The code that forms a Shopify app has to run on a server somewhere, much like a normal website or web-app. By integrating with Shopify's API the app can access users store data, and even be embedded into the Shopify Admin panel.

What is possible with a Shopify App?

Shopify provide a powerful API that allows an app to 'talk' with a users Shopify store. It is possible to edit most of the key parts of a store through this API including Products, Orders, Customers and theme templates.

There are limitation to what is possible with a custom app, as you're still limited to work within the bounds of the Shopify API, but for most requirements some sort of solution is possible.

A key difference in the complexity of developing a Shopify app is whether it is a public or a private app.

Private vs Public apps

A public app is one that appear within the Shopify app store and can be installed by any store owner. Public apps need to be able to work with any store, need to support a system of logging in users called oAuth and are vetted by Shopify. Public app developers are also responsible for providing support to any users that use their app... but of course you can charge for it.

A private app won't appear in the Shopify store and will only interface with a single Shopify store. For example a client looking to develop an app to add more advanced functionality to their existing store would only need a private app. If they later wanted to make it available for other people to buy then it would have to become a public app.

Shopify App Developers

We have experience developing a range of Shopify Apps to push the boundaries of what is possible with the Shopify platform. Get in touch to find out more about how we could help you solve your problems with a custom app.

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