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We leverage the Angular framework to develop complex front-end functionality and build hybrid mobile apps.

Complex front-end functionality, simplified.

Angular was developed at Google for  building highly complex data-driven applications and dashboards such as Gmail. 

In many cases a traditional website or web-app, such as one built on Django, is enough to develop the functionality of a custom application or 'web-app'. However, as the complexity of an application grows and the more complex the front-end functionality of an application becomes the more time-consuming the application becomes to develop in this way.

Fortunately, Angular provides a powerful framework for creating complex interfaces with less code and in a way which splits an application into smaller parts, reducing complexity.

Separation of components

Angular makes it possible to completely separate the 'front-end' (the bit's people actually see and interact with) from the 'back-end' (the parts of an application which receive, validate and store data in a database).

This is done with an API which provides a clearly defined set of rules and methods of communication between the front-end and back-end which allow for them to be completely independent. Separating them means that overall complexity is reduced, and they can both be tested individually against a pre-defined and agreed set of API endpoints. It also makes it easier for different developers with different specialisms to work on the same application.

In practice, this means reduced complexity which leads to quicker and more reliable development.


Developing a fully independent Angular dashboard and separate API backend prepares the application for use with a mobile application as an API is always required for a mobile application that needs to save any data in the cloud. This therefore reduces future development costs. Having a public-facing API can often become a technical requirement for many start-ups so developing an API early on can really future-proof a company.

It also means that when it comes around to updating the front-end of the application, you can safely keep using the old API.

Looking to develop an Angular app?

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