Augmented reality (AR) product images on Shopify

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What's included

Exceptional 3D experiences are disrupting the luxury eCommerce space in a very serious way. Early data says that a customer is nearly 30% more likely to purchase a high-value product if they’ve had an AR experience - particularly one that helps them contextualise the item in their local environment. There are a few parts to that, and we tune into all of them.

  1. Aspiration

    Helping build a picture of a product in a local environment helps a consumer imagine the item exactly as it is - and makes it feel like a much more authentic part of their life. Building this emotional connection with a product is a sure-fire way to drive up conversion and increase sales volume.

  2. Detail-driven

    For luxury goods, the details matter. We put together 3D renders of products that are as true to life as we can get - and we make sure that the imagery works in harmony with the rest of the website’s brand experience.

  3. Conversion first

    Conversion drives all of our decisions in digital. We know exactly what turns visitors into prospects, and prospects into long-term, loyal customers. This means crafting images and visual experiences that are first-in-class - because the Internet is a busy, competitive place.

  4. Mobile ready

    As well as paying close attention to the way that 3D imagery looks and work within desktop environments, we're experts in making sure that they work across a number of different device sizes too. Through to mobiles and tablet devices, we're sensitive to the mechanics of getting high-value experiences right - and making sure that resolution and fidelity is upheld wherever they're distributed.


Ar Dev

Our award-winning websites are about strategy as much as they're about execution. And the same goes for our 3D and Augmented Reality work.

  1. Research & strategy

    All of our 3D, AR and Multimedia work is delivered on the back of an extensive research and strategy round that is designed to uncover the details that drive first-class results. Our clients know their brands inside and out - and it's up to us to get to the heart of how it needs to be represented, and who the digital experience needs to resonate with and how we’re going to get the most out of the entire experience.

  2. Production & delivery

    We work with both our staff photographers and commissioned photographers, depending on styles and timelines. We then render all of our materials in-house - through a series of 3D rendering software designed to create first-class AR outputs. Finally, we connect those files up with the Shopify’s AR system, and run through the demos with our client teams before final adjustments are made.