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Custom-built e-Commerce website for Amsterdam-based startup.

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Amsterdam-based food-delivery startup Yumler approached us for advice on the best platform to develop their website on. With the bold target of offering fresh food delivered anywhere in Amsterdam within 15 minutes, they needed a system that could do a bit more than your typical e-commerce site.

Initially, Yumler were looking at Shopify,  but it quickly became clear to us that because they we're looking to achieve so much outside of the scope of a typical Shopify project it was worth exploring a custom-application route. Functionality such as a checkout that routed orders to the nearest delivery cyclist, the ability for customers to track their deliveries on a map in real-time, or business accounts with weekly billing would all have been tough to deliver within the constraints of the Shopify platform, as powerful as it is.

Fortunately, our experience developing complex applications on Django made us confident that we could deliver a robust and highly custom system tailored exactly to Yumler's needs, achieving everything needed to maximise their chances of success without comprising the user-experience.

Another key benefit of developing on a custom framework such as Django is that it simplifies the process of developing a mobile application in the future, something that is clearly important to a startup such as Yumler.

Yumler 1
Yumler Packaging
Yumler Desktop UI Design

Custom Features

The final website features a number of advanced and custom features, including:

Custom Checkout with a unique checkout flow tailored exactly to Yumler's requirements and allow orders to be only be taken during certain hours and delivery to only certain areas in Amsterdam.

Location detection by utilising browser location features to detect if the user is within a valid delivery area and restrict purchases to those users within Yumler's delivery areas.

Adyen payments integration to allow payment by card and the IDEAL payment method that is widely used in the Netherlands.

Custom CMS to allow Yumler to edit site content and imagery.

Coupon System to allow the creation, management and tracking of discount codes.

OnFleet Delivery integration that routes orders from the website through to the Onfleet delivery apps allowing drivers to receive orders and full-fill them while presenting the customer with a map to track their meal.

B2B support to allow Yumler to partner with nearby businesses as collection areas.

Account features such as order history and account settings.

Unselling and Promotion features such as newsletters, recommend products and variable page layouts dependent on the users journey.

Yumler Desktop UI Design Home Page

Mobile Designs

Given the nature of Yumler's business and the potential for an app in the near future, it made sense to take a very mobile-focused approach to the design of the site. During the design stage we presented a number of design options to Yumler. We made use of Invision to allow the navigation through the designs as if it was a real website which helps with understanding and developing the user journey, and not just the static individual page designs.

Yumler Mobile Design
Yumler Mobile Design 2

OnFleet Delivery Integration

Orders processed through the Yumler site are sent to OnFleet, which is used to track delivery cyclists in real-time. Customers are presented with a real-time map view of the food its way to them, allowing them to track it's progress. 

The ability to control every detail of the integration with OnFleet has been invaluable to evolving the process to meet the challenges and issues Yumler have faced with rapidly delivering food across Amsterdam. So far an amazing 20% of deliveries are reaching the customer within 1 minute, and more than 70% within 5 minutes.

We we're pleased to see the site win an Honourable Mention on Awwwards.

Yumler Desktop UI Design Menu
Yumler Desktop UI Design Cart
Yumler Desktop UI Design
Yumler Desktop UI Design Online

Looking forward...

Some of the biggest benefits of a custom application only become apparent at the end of the project when the attention turns towards things like conversion optimisation. Being on a flexible platform like Django makes it very cost-effective to change functionality and there are no restrictions on what is possible.

We continue to work closely with Yumler to improve and evolve their site and business and have just recently rolled out additional functionality in the form of B2B collection locations. 

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