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Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website

Enabling women to find harmony through exquisite products and expert advice

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Our client relationship with the Vaara brand started in late 2015 when we developed their initial Shopify store-front for them. This website had been designed elsewhere and we were drafted in to develop these designs for them on the Shopify platform. As the brand grew from strength to strength over the following year or so, we supported on an ad-hoc basis, delivering additional functionality or tweaking content as they required.

After an extremely successful initial period, the brand returned to us and we started discussing their growth plans in terms of both international expansion and the desire for a much more dynamic, content-led experience for their users. It was at this stage that Vaara commissioned us to re-design and develop a new website, again to be built on the Shopify platform.

Vaara are an exceptional example of todays fusion between the style and health conscious amongst us. Vaara's ethos is inspired by fashion, sports and a healthy lifestyle which in itself is ever evolving aesthetically. They challenged us to produce a clean, modern and minimal framework that would allow their content to lead the visual tone of the brand moving forward. Importantly it had to allow flexibility as seasons / collections changed and with it, their visual style. 

Vaara By BAO
Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website
Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website

Editorial content: Lifestyle & wellbeing advice from trusted sources

Our design team worked with Vaara to create an engaging user experience utilising the wealth of attractive lifestyle and product imagery and editorial content Vaara have produced. The site is of course intended to drive consumer sales but in todays world of modern marketing, driving engagement through content is the key to long term success and validating the value of a brand and ultimately their products. Creating a feature rich archive of advice and guidance from Vaara staff and guest authors covering topics such as it’s elegant clothing or simply putting something healthy on a plate, not only helps long-tail search efforts but also inspires brand affinity.

Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website

Internationalising stores on Shopify

Reflecting on initial market growth success, Vaara sought to take advantage of their strong following in Russia next. As the brands owner, Russian super-model and entrepreneur Tatiana, had a very engaged social following and influence in the market, it made sense to roll out a second store instance in this territory alongside the UK store that served the rest of the world. By creating two bespoke Shopify stores, one for each region, it allowed us to tailor each Shopify store to the two very different markets, allowing them to offer different content as well as products and inventory levels to the different regions at any given time.

Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website
Vaara By BAO Shopify Ecommerce Website

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