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Tutella is a unique service that connects its users with their family and closest friends in times of need and moments of joy, while providing the help and support they need. As start-up partner, our role was to define and create Tutella's creative proposition across all digital properties as well as offline marketing collateral. 

Partnering with BAO, Tutella sought to create a social experience that was not only visually distinctive and enjoyable, but also minimised the stress involved when caring for someone in need of help and support.

Facilitating support through digital connections

Our UX and design teams’ goal was to make the user experience as seamless as possible, to encourage social engagement across all user touch points, whether on laptop or smartphone. By choosing warm colour palettes, neutral typefaces and bold imagery the visual tone of all material endeared Tutella to its broad user demographic.

Launching in 2015, Tutella allows users to private message, send notifications & request help from family members and communicate directly with fully qualified Tutella rep's providing that human touch to an otherwise digital experience.

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