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How do you take one of Germany's most successful and globally recognised brands, and market it to the UK audience? Sell your best products, create an immersive e-Commerce experience and tailor it to your giant customer following.

Tchibo approached us for our Magento expertise, which was the platform that every other agency had recommended during the tendering phase. Within 10 minutes of discussing Tchibo's internal processes and requirements with their key stakeholders, we soon realised that Shopify was the more suitable platform for them. It stands testament that the size of a company doesn’t – or shouldn’t – dictate the scale of the project.

Empowering animation to foster sales

Inline with Tchibo's wider strategic plan of targeting a more youthful audience we had to design a clear and simple path to purchase for existing customers but still provide an attractive proposition for a younger audience. It was our team of content strategists, balancing common e-Commerce principles and simple navigation systems, and our UX team's approach to intuitive design techniques that created the immersive buying experience that is seen in the finished result. It was our design team's job to enhance every aspect of the purchase process, whether that was providing near instant feedback when adding a product to the basket or creating a clear and quick route to purchase, it are these visual and interactive nuances that keep customers routed to any online store.

Why Shopify was the better choice

It was Tchibo's first foray into the UK B2C market, couple this with their internal product and order processes and Shopify stood out as the obvious choice. Many agencies had pitched Magento as the only viable e-Commerce platform, however it was our responsibility to the client to get the choice right from the start. Shopify's ease of use paired with its extensibility meant Tchibo's requirements was sufficiently met at a much more affordable cost facilitating their customer growth in the UK B2C sector.

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What Tchibo said about us...

"After talking with over a dozen agencies about our project, BAO stood out amongst the crowd. They really sought to understand our business objectives to make the most informed decision on platform choice with us. They work with honesty and transparency and remained in constant communication with us throughout the project. We are all thrilled at Tchibo Coffee Service with the website that BAO designed and built for us and hope to work with them on future projects. We'd thoroughly recommend them to any business that wants to work with a talented, professional and forward thinking agency."

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