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Suffolk Latch Company approached us soon after launching their new website

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You've paid your money and your new site goes live. Shortly after, you notice a sudden drop-off in sales and conversion rates. This is the exact series of events that led Suffolk Latch Co. directly to us. After our first meeting we assessed the new website and diagnosed a multitude of errors from poor information architecture to under performing UX to badly written code and poorly implemented design practices. What was once an affluent and profitable business was now experiencing a dramatic reduction in customer sales all due to poor design and under performant development. It was our challenge to turn around the fortunes of this incredibly successful UK business within the quickest timeframe possible.

Combining simple IA principles with an intuitive UI

First and foremost our objective was to reduce the number of barriers faced by a customer when trying to purchase a product. By removing superfluous content we were able to simplify the existing information architecture to reduce the number of clicks a customer would need to perform in order to get to a product page, reducing this from 5 to just 3. When a customer got to the product page our design team had to ensure that all information was easily digestible yet professionally presented with clear call to actions, making important buttons, such as Add to Basket, obvious to the customer. 

Product reviews that do the selling for you

As a distinguished retailer of over 19 years, Suffolk Latch Co. had already developed a strong brand loyalty with its customers. During the research and development phase we discovered that this contributed to a wealth of product and customer reviews that were hard to find within the existing website. Often it can be these reviews that are trusted more so than the actual content created by the business so our UX team defined a clear hierarchy that placed a far greater emphasis on these reviews. By placing them higher up on the product page and utilising a star rated reviewing system on collection pages, we were able to further reassure customers validating both the business and the products it was selling.

Since its complete re-launch in May 2016 Suffolk Latch Co. have since experienced improved sales, higher volume of traffic and reduced bounce rates.

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What Suffolk Latch Co. had to say about us...

"In 20 years time we will all look back at the early days of ecommerce and realise that those days really were the “Wild West”. With almost every trade and service I can think of today there is, quite rightly, a high level of regulation to guarantee performance and safety. With the world of ecommerce we are certainly a long way from that goal. 

I came across By Association Only (BAO) after a great deal of research and I must say after being burnt the first time round by a rouge developer I was a little skeptical. But from the outset BAO was absolutely on the case, every stage of the process was expertly executed, they were happy to learn about my business and build the site to perfectly match my needs. With their expert knowledge there were able to suggest and implement functionality that I never thought was possible. 

An absolutely top notch web store is never going to be a cheap undertaking, but what I would say is that if you are committed to your product and are serious about building a successful business then you would be hard pushed to find a better developer. With so many sharks out there your best defence is a great recommendation. BAO will deliver you a great site."

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