High-throughput, international cosmetics multi-brand retailer based in the UAE, Somei

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Somei approached BAO with a singular mission - to help develop and amplify a truly global product brand with exceptional attention to detail - setting them apart in identity, quality and service. Travelling between the Far East, Europe and the U.S, Somei's team saw an opportunity - unique potential to curate an array of brands that would help the business create a new standard of beauty in the region of the UAE.

Logo & identity

Somei represent innovation, simplicity and unbeatable value. Balancing the business's core aims was a key part in putting together a beautiful, simple brand identity ready to be showcased to a global, cosmopolitan customer base.


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Somei Packaging Crop

Colour Palette

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Desktop design

Large, multi-brand product catalogues can be unwieldy to design for. We put together a design vision intended to showcase each product in its own light, while creating an exclusive, quality aesthetic design to invoke trust, loyalty and authority.

Home page

Somei Home

Collection page

Somei Collection Page

Product page

Somei Product Page

Mobile design

The mobile cosmetics market is huge, and growing. All of our websites are fully responsive and provide a quality mobile experience across a wide variety of platforms, focusing on what the customer needs to complete their transaction.

Special features

Detail is everything, and we always go the extra mile to introduce items and ideas that add extra value to all of our clients' customers.

  1. Someie Feature 1 Drop

    Dropdown menu

    Menu design is key in large inventory sites - so we chose a simple, sophisticated style that put clear information front and centre.

  2. Somei Feature 3 Puch Bag

    Push/quick bag

    Our custom push bags elevate the sales experience by helping customers quickly and easily create and review their carts as they traverse the site for what they're looking.

  3. Somei Feature 2 Fixed Nav

    Fixed navigation

    Fixed navigation helps customers stay in touch with the whole architecture of the site - providing quick routes to other products and services.