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Paul Valentine is a young watch brand based in Germany and the USA. Founded in early 2016, the brand grew rapidly during Q1 and Q2, with their social following booming thanks to their creative approach to product and lifestyle photography. The business initially launched a website using a standard Shopify theme but after exponential growth they concluded it was time to invest in a bespoke Shopify solution from us here at BAO. They wanted to give their watches the digital presence that they deserve.

UPDATE: This site has now been awarded an Awwwards 'Site of the Day', which is a monumental achievement. More about this soon.

Paul Valentine By BAO

Mobile First - Analytics you cannot ignore

The company recognised that over 90% of its traffic was from mobile devices, so it was paramount that the mobile experience was highly considered and intuitive across both tablets and smartphones. It's quite usual nowadays for mobile traffic on an e-Commerce website to be relatively high, generally around 50%, but with 40,000 Instagram followers and a great social strategy, it was easy to identify how Paul Valentine was seeing these huge statistics for mobile usage. 

Using this data as the foundation of our decisions, our design and development teams worked together, often iterating through numerous designs and prototypes with the goal of creating an optimised user experience that was not only dynamic but highly performant for both Mobile and Desktop visitors.

Paul Valentine Mobile Experience Responsive
Mobile Views 2

An Equally Attractive Desktop Design

The site maybe designed 'mobile-first' but that wasn't a free pass to neglect desktop design. We wrote over 5,000 lines of CSS to make the site an incredibly responsive, fluid shopping experience for every device and browser size. By utilising animations we were able to enhance those simple micro-interactions that customers perform daily on almost every e-Commerce store. The Paul Valentine Shopify store has this in abundance, noticeable immediately when you visit the homepage. These are the types of details that cannot be overlooked but its vital they do not deter from the primary goal of any e-Commerce store - converting users into customers. For example, on product pages, our design team took advantage of the striking product photography available and paired it with bold typographic elements illustrating the elegance and quality of every watch whilst also up-selling accessories, such as their diverse range of watch straps they have available.

Hojme Page Desktop
Product Page Desktop
Collection Page Desktop
Home Page

Improving the Menu & Cart System

Capitalising on the high volumes of traffic we set out to improve the websites conversion rates by opting for a more user-centric approach to the stores shopping cart. We tailored the user journey to allow customers to proceed to checkout without leaving the page that they are currently viewing. The basket simply slides in from the right of the screen (often referred to as a push cart) to providing a condensed overview of the basket, displaying added products and relevant call to actions allowing users to make vital decisions quickly, 1) Am I ready to checkout? or 2) Shall I continue shopping?

These practices are often viewed as an unnecessary complexity but when they are considered throughout the design process they can really streamline user-journeys. We wouldn't retrospectively add a push menu to any website without considering the implications on the rest of the website and the user experience it already provides. Are there enough call-to-actions on the page so that users never even need to use the menu? Is it obvious how to open and use each element? With Paul Valentine we felt that the added dynamism and cleaner user-interface would support the brands aesthetic and offer a really engaging experience, particularly within this 'mobile-first' approach to development. 

Menu Desktop

Shopping Via Instagram

Paul Valentine has an impressive following on Instagram, at the point of writing this article they have roughly 40,000 followers. They perfectly utilise the social media platform to illustrate how to style and wear the watches with a considered balance of both lifestyle and product photography. The brand is rapidly increasing their social reach and utilises the Instagram platform as its primary sales channel for their business. 

With that in mind, we set about implementing a dedicated Instagram Shopping page as their content is extremely media rich. This page is automatically populated with the brands Instagram feed utilising the FourSixty Instagram app that integrates with Shopify. Customers can scroll through the brands posts and click an image to reveal the product/s being showcased in the photo, together with links to the product pages themselves which helps facilitate a speedy route to checkout.

Instagram Shop on Paul Valentine
Instagram Shop on Paul Valentine

The Results - A dramatic increase in sales

On the weekend that the new website launched, there were more orders than ever before. In fact, the company made 11 times as much as their previous record weekend! The website has not been live for long but there has already been a huge improvement in conversion rates, engagement and the overall traffic has increased also.

It's too early to gauge the long term success of the website, but if the first week can be used as a barometer then we couldn't be more pleased with the results and the impact our bespoke Shopify solution has had for the brand.

What the Client Said

"Can't recommend them enough! Our conversion rate and sales went through the roof after we launched our new bespoke Shopify site! Every dollar we invested was worth it, and we enjoyed working together with such skilled, creative and passionated people!

  • 5 Stars for Creativity and Design Thinking 
  • 5 Stars for delivering very fast and on time 
  • 5 Stars for adaptability, since we asked for a lot of additional features during development face.

Definitely will work with them again for further projects."

Awwwards Site of the Day

Awwwards Site of the Day

Shortly after launching, we submitted the website to Awwwards, which is the internets largest online digital award platform. With over 2,000,000 unique users every month and 100,000 twitter followers, Awwwards has an enormous following. Uploaded websites are scored out of 10 by a panel of industry leading judges and subject to the public's vote. We were humbled to get an Awwwards Site of the Day, which means that the site will go into the annual book and be eligible for a 'Site of the Month' award.

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