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Project Overview

Since the 1800's, Oxygenetix have been creating skincare and cosmetics for Hollywood's finest and were almost an inside secret within the film industry. In recent years, with loyal advocates including the Khloe Kardashian, the brand has become more focussed on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model. Prior to the new site, much of the companies business had been done with salons and clinics who to utilise the patented formula to help with post-procedure recovery. This was a key part of the message that need to be portrayed to users; "The industries best doctors and clinicians are using this product, and so can you!"

In Numbers:

  • +52%

    Conversion rate increase

  • 22%

    Decrease in bounce rate

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    Industry awards received

Design summary

Close attention was paid to making sure that the brand's luxury aesthetic was carefully integrated into a dynamic experience. With fewer products we could afford to pay more attention to each products content and build more engaging product pages. It was important to tell the story of the brands origins in science and Hollywood, which was achieved through case studies and testimonials from some of Hollywood's finest.

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Mobile Design

With over 75% of the site's traffic coming from mobile phones, ensuring that the brand and meassging transitioned seamlessly onto smaller screens was absolutely paramount.