Digital design overhaul for Cambridge-based high-fashion gatekeepers, GIULIO

Giulio Hero

Project Overview

Anybody who's anybody in Cambridge fashion retail know GIULIO - the gatekeepers of trendsetting, top-flight clothing based in the centre of a growing, cosmopolitan city. With an ambition to translate that real-world sales success into a high-performing digital store experience, we were approached to help the team do just that - overhaul their brand and sales operation in the form of a brand new e-Commerce site powered by the Shopify platform.

In Numbers:

  • 189%

    Increase in conversion rate

  • 10

    Weeks to launch from project commencement.

  • 8

    Members of the BAO team involved.

  • 15000

    Products migrated onto store

Design Summary

Quality, exclusivity, culture and taste - these are four of the tenets of the GIULIO project that needed to come to the forefront in visual design and user experience. We put our best minds on thinking carefully about providing a cross-device experience that works hard at selling luxury items to a varied audience. As much a catwalk as a store, the final result is a showcase of what GIULIO means in fashion married with a solid sales engine designed to handle huge seasonal traffic volumes.

Home Page

This top-level landing page caters to both Mens and Womens, and is built on a section based layout, allowing Giulio's to mix up content at will and market more effectively.

Giulio Desktop Home

Mens Home

When the user clicks on Mens or Womens, a cookie is dropped which always leads them back to the right page. This way, repeat customers are directly lead to the right page, removing a step in the journey and increasing conversion rates.

Giulio Desktop Men


A fluid, responsive grid was deployed complete with a detailed filtering system built in-house at BAO based on product tagging.

Giulio Desktop Collection

Product Page

Clear, clear and concise product page with related products carousel and lifestyle content as part of the brands marketing strategy.

Giulio Desktop Product

About Page

Far from a 'cookie cutter' about page, we designed a bespoke set of sections to allow Giulio's to highlight their heritage and bricks and mortar roots. All content is completely editable.

Giulio Desktop About5 C


The Giulio's blog is a significant part of their marketing strategy and as such, was given huge consideration. We went with and editorial style that would feel familiar to the clients target audience.

Giulio Desktop Blog

Mobile Design

Given the volume of mobile traffic the site experiences, an extremely considered approach was taken to ensure that we serve a more appropriate interface solution for touch devices. It's simply not acceptable to strip back a desktop interface and serve up as a solution under the guise of 'responsive'.

We approached BAO to re-design our Shopify store to create a more bespoke website, fitting of our company branding. The team were extremely helpful from the start of the process and delivered on all aspects of design and functionality. The final product is slick and modern but ultimately it captures the essence of what GIULIO is all about.

Danny Frattasi - Head of Digital

Technologies and providers

We use some of the Internet's most popular and powerful digital tools to help merchants handle huge volumes of sales simply and elegantly.

  1. Shopify Plus Logo

    Shopify Plus is an enterprise offering from one of the world's most powerful e-Commerce environments.

  2. Foursixty

    FourSixty provides shoppable Instagram feeds - putting a tight integration between stores and social media destinations.

  3. Paypal

    PayPal is one of the world's most well known payment gateways.