Shopify Plus migration and design overhaul for European surf giants Deeply.

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Project Overview

The Deeply team were looking for a design revolution project, migrating them from their existing build on a native Portuguese framework over to the Shopify Plus platform. The brief was to service their existing 4 European territories with separate store instances to serve each. The project also focused heavily on solving their tech stack and logistical operation, with an ERP move and integration to each store front as part of the overall launch.


The revolutionised Deeply home page is not only flexible in its architecture (allowing for drag and droppable sections), but impactful in its design with heavy utilisation of large imagery and an updated type-stack.

Deeply Home


The collection page design is minimal, allowing the product imagery to shine. As part of the sales strategy for wetsuits there is an integrated wetsuit guide, which offers users the information to more accurately select product at the collection level.

Deeply Collection


Large attractive imagery married with a thoroughly considered layout affords Deeply all of the necessary content areas you would expect to find on a hard-working product page. Bespoke elements (sections) can also be used in order to give greater product detail and specification in more digestible formats.

Deeply Product


The blog is an integral part of any eCommerce strategy and Deeply certainly employ theirs. Deeply create captivating films, immersive interviews and useful guides, offering a wealthy resource of content that engage users and validate their market authority.

Deeply Blog


It was important to allow Deeply to tell their story as a key part of a major customer education piece. The bespoke page affords them lots of different content layout sections to utilise with their rich content.

Deeply About