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Harnessing the power of Magento

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Partnering with start-ups is always incredibly rewarding, watching a brand grow over time and develop into a leader of its industry, in part because we know we've played our part in their success. The Cult & Classic are a team of fashion experts and the perfect example of that gratification. By offering premium discounted designer fashion to a consumer base who might have thought it simply wasn't possible, they've gone from strength to strength and grown extremely quickly.

Migrating from Magento to Shopify

Shopify is filled with all kinds of functionality out of the box and has everything you need to run a standard e-Commerce store. Because so many different solutions integrate well with Shopify (such as Salesforce and various different EPOS systems), retailers can also grow with the help of third-party software that can be fully integrated with the platform. Although The Cult & Classic were a start-up they were certain that they wanted to position themselves for growth and very intelligently chose BAO to implement a Shopify build enabling huge potential to scale rapidly.

When the founder first approached us, the specification was based around Magento because that was what they'd used previously and were keen to continue using it. At the time, around two years, this was the correct choice. Much of the functionality now available on Shopify didn't exist, and with some of the more demanding complexities, it would've been impossible to create an intelligent and feature-rich store on Shopify. The site was launched on Magento and everyone was more than happy with the final product.

Almost two years later we still have a great relationship with the company and regularly work together to improve the websites offering to users and support with graphic elements when requested. On the back of this relationship, and because we were working more and more with Shopify, it was us that initially floated the idea of a migration to Shopify. We were understandably sensitive to recommending a new platform, but we believed that the lower monthly costs of Shopify and UI on the admin panel would mean a quick return on investment and financial savings thereafter. The company was more than happy to do this, as it made managing their store less complex and was more cost effective.

UPDATE: Our work on the website has been awarded Gold in The Cambridge Digital Awards!

Cult & Classic Home
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Inspire returning customers through digital trends

Customers of the Cult & Classic are instantly struck with enticing campaign imagery presenting the various brands available on the store, latest fashion trends and special offers. We wanted to build brand loyalty and encourage users to return and make more than one transaction. We did this in a number of ways:

  • Loyalty Scheme - Users that registered an account are automatically assigned 'points', so for every pound (£) a user spends they receive one point. These points can then be used to claim discounts.
  • Social Reward - We setup a number of ways to generate points so that you can accrue them without having to spend a penny. For example, on your birthday you get 200 points, referring a friend gets you 200, 'Liking' the Facebook page 100 and an Instagram follow is 50.
Rewards Scheme
Mobile Catalogue
Mobile Product

An array of graphic design & print collateral

Straight out of the blocks, The Cult & Classic commissioned BAO to execute their branding. From logos to brand guidelines, business cards and swing tickets for products to their packaging design, we delivered all assets required for the business to thrive from inception.

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Kind Words

"A fantastically talented team of creative and technical minds who go above and beyond to create the perfect website. They have made the whole process of my move from Magento to Shopify as seamless as possible ensuring that all content was transferred as efficiently and quickly as possible and were quick to assist with any queries I had. I would always recommend By Association Only to anyone looking for a team to design and develop their Shopify website as I've always had a professional and friendly experience with them."

Beth Fullager - Owner

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