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Converting a social media sensation into a Shopify success.

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Crepslocker had been operating exclusively through Instagram for the past few years and became one of the best examples of how to monetise the platform that we've seen to date. For those that aren't aware, Crepslocker's model revolves around the sourcing and re-sale of extremely desirable and/or rare trainers, accessories and clothing.

Crepslocker's ability to spot trends and releases combined with their growing network of resources, their excellent photography skills and understanding of the Instagram platform, has enabled them to amass nearly 150,000 dedicated and loyal followers. Prior to engaging our services to move the business onto an e-Commerce platform, the business relied upon Whatsapp and Paypal to transact with their followers engaged through Instagram.


Crepslocker Re-Brand

As business for Crepslocker was evolving rapidly and their social reach was starting to gather huge momentum, they decided it was time to re-evaluate their home grown logo and contracted us to re-design their primary consumer-facing axiom. We worked through concepts considering a broad variety of stylistic approaches to classic sneaker culture. Below is a sample of the initial ideas presented in concept fashion.

Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple
Branding Services Exmaple

Utilisation of their existing social success - FourSixty

From the outset of the project it was obvious that Crepslockers' business hinged on their ability to supply the existing demand of the market for the products that they sourced. What made the brand a huge success though, was how well they presented these products to potential consumers. Through the medium of well executed life-style / campaign photography, they quickly gathered followers on the image-lead platform and enquiries quickly followed.

The plan was to make sure we utilised this rich content on the new website and via any 3rd party services to take things a step further and link the brands Instagram photography directly with shoppable products on their website. To execute this, we integrated the popular social plug-in FourSixty within the new Shopify website for Crepslocker. This allows the team to tag products that they have as inventory on their storefront within an Instagram image of the brands social profile.

Crepslocker Instagram FourSixty

A content driven sales website built on the Shopify platform

We identified Shopify as the platform of choice for the Crepslocker brand given it's user friendly admin panel and feature set befitting that of their needs. We knew importance was to be placed on designing a flexible framework that would allow the team at Crepslocker to easily upload, configure and manage a dynamic website that represented the premium service their customers had come to expect. Custom pages throughout exist, such as a 'Sell It' (The Crepslocker Marketplace) and a custom form for users to 'Source It', allowing requests for certain rare items to be found on a customers behalf. These ancillary pages have been styled inline with the rest of the completely bespoke website we designed for the brand.

Crepslocker Home Page Shopify
Crepslocker Collection Page Shopify
Crepslocker Product Page Shopify
Crepslocker Mega Menu Page Shopify
Crepslocker Bag Page Shopify

Mobile first approach given their social media existence.

It was only logical that as Crepslockers primary channel was Instagram, they were extremely likely to receive a high proportion of traffic from mobile and tablet devices. This was identified at the outset of the project and considered throughout the entire design period. Thousands of lines of custom media queries re-form content, typography and margins throughout the website to deliver optimal user interfaces on all screen sizes. Menu's change form, aspect ratio's have been considered and certain elements deemed ancillary are hidden from viewport in particular circumstances.


What the client had to say.

"Well what can I say it was a perfect match! The whole team was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. They held our hands all the way through the process, the end product was exactly what we wanted. It was all positive vibes from the start, they never said "No, it can't be done" it was always "sure, no problem!" We now have a very clean, responsive website thanks to the guys. BAO are hands down the best in the business! Couldn't thank you guys enough. #TeamCrepslocker"

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