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For B2B commercial investment management firm BlueOrchard, the goal is simple, to foster inclusive growth by empowering low income individuals and households across the emerging world. They sought BAO's creative team to translate the impact seen in those emerging markets across all of its digital properties.

Big data for a digital world

Our content strategists developed a familiar and approachable tone for an industry defined by buzzwords. Pair that with striking imagery balanced with factual data to support key messages it allowed our design and UX team to create dynamic layouts for every area of the site. Given the sheer quantity of content at their disposal we created a flexible framework that would allow BlueOrchard to easily create new pages, articles and any supporting content such as interactive maps and photography. WordPress was the perfect platform to control an eclectic collage of visual variation allowing our development team build a vast amount of in-page content styles and widgets so that each page could be bespoke, visually appealing and truly unique offering hundreds of possible page layouts and content variations.  

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