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Helping launch the campaign for the Dubai 2016 marathon

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In January 2016, Adidas launched a campaign to promote both brand and product for the Dubai 2016 marathon. The focus was on social, and getting people to share the event on their profiles. To encourage, they provided free race packs consisting of t-shirts and socks, so that as many people as possible were wearing Adidas on the event day. Post-race packs were also supplied to users that shared their final race card complete with custom imagery and their personalised race time.

Email campaigns were designed to run through the build-up to the event, as well as during and after the race. The goal was simple. To get as many shares on social networks as possible, to drive consumers to sales points and to position Adidas as the leading race sponsor.


Signage Poster

Pre-Race Email Campaign

Prior to race, Adidas utilised their email database to sound out the email below to all applicants of the race. This was the start campaign and was designed to encourage social shares in exchange for a free race pack and promotional codes valid in store and onlne.

Adidas Image

The Mobile App

From the email, users were directed to create their race account on the mobile app. In order to make the process seamless for the user, they entered basic contact details along with their official Race Number.

Mobile Register Page

Generating a Personalised Race Card

After the user registered their profile and connected it with their Facebook account (optional), the were encourage to share their personalised race 'Card' on their Facebook profile to engage their network. Prior to the race, the app generated a branded image with the hashtag and race logos.

Mobile Registered Page
Facebook post pre race

Encouraging Engagement Post-Race

After the race the app automatically created another race card complete with the users official time and the campaigns hashtag.

App Post Race
FB Post Race

Post-Race Email Campaign

Finally, when the race card had been shared, the users were sent a final email with additional promotional material.

Adidas Post Race Email Campaign

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