Why We Created Videos To Explain The Services We Offer

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The decision to produce video content for each service we offer as an agency wasn't taken lightly. We were understandably cautious about floating ourselves 'out there', and none of us have a great deal of experience being on that side of the lens. So, why did we decide to make them?

One store vs multiple stores

Some limitations are impossible to work around if you only want to run a single store, even with third party apps. There are three key limitations that may force you to opt for a second/multiple Shopify store:

  • Checkout can only be in one language for all users. You can display translations for any part of the site, but the checkout will only use the pre-defined language setup in the Shopify admin panel and can't vary between different customers.
  • There can only be one store currency used for billing. All customers are billed in your configured store currency. The checkout pages have to display prices in this currency. It is possible to display the prices on the rest of your site in the customers own currency, but the actual checkout and the value of their cart that is charged to their bank account will always be your store currency.
  • Website stock management can not be based on location. It's not possible to have different stock for different locations with one store.

If those three limitations aren't an issue then you should be fine with your single store account.

There are some downsides to multiple stores:

  • You will have to pay for the monthly Shopify price plan for each store.
  • Each site's orders, customers, content, products, collections and stock will have to be independently managed.

Generally, the option you choose will depend on the needs of your business and how important those three points are. If the vast majority of your sales are in one location, it may be advisable to delay the extra costs and management needed for multiple stores and work with one store, with the trade-offs that involves.

Presenting *drumroll* us!

We've never put ourselves on any iteration of our website. At all. Ever. It's always been pretty common for design agencies to include a headshot and biography for each of their staff members, mainly to inject some degree of personality or character. For one reason or another, we've always been hesitant to follow suit.

However, we've found that after talking with lots of our clients that we've worked with over the years, the general consensus seems to be that they chose to work with BAO because of the people we have here. We appreciate it must be tough for businesses to choose an agency to work with, there are so many out there and if you want your work done well, creating something like a new website isn't always a particularly cheap undertaking. We decided to get in front of the camera to reassure potential clients that we're good folk and we know what we're talking about... Most of the time.

Why do video content now?

Creating videos for various services was something that was an idea that was actually floated internally a few years ago. So why did we wait until now to create them? In one word, Yoc. Yoc joined us in January and has brought an exceptional new skill-set to BAO that he's developed over his 25 year creative career. Along with his Branding expertise, he's also a very talented photographer/videographer, so we now have the skill set to execute in house.

Without Yoc on board, the prospect of spending thousands of pounds on shooting video and post production, all within a fixed time slot didn't feel like an appealing prospect. With Yoc, however, we were able to get the footage shot in the studio in between meetings and client work, then edit them with total autonomy at a time that worked for us. It's no coincidence that it was only a matter of months after Yoc joined that the videos were created, that's for sure.

Are they any good?

We honestly don't know! We're too close to them to know what a third party might think. We've asked friends of the business, family members and existing clients but it's hard to know whether any of them would tell us if we looked like complete buffoons. We even joked internally about becoming internet memes but ultimately decided to take that risk.

Was it hard to shoot them?

Yes and No. We've made similar 'talking head' videos for a variety of clients before and it's incredible how often the most confident public speakers can fall apart in front of a camera. The most common reason for this though, we think, is that they are in a new environment, in front of peering eyes, with the pressure to perform within a fixed time period. For us, none of those pressures were a problem. Time wasn't an issue, we could shoot takes during lunch, between client meetings and project work and we were amongst close collegues that we work with on a daily basis. That said, there's a good amount of ridiculous out takes from all involved when frustration boiled over after fluffing their delivery for the n'th time.