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Nov. 12, 2015

We’ve Launched Our New Website!

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They say that the hardest site to design is your own and based on the last year we’ll have to agree! Our previous site served us well since it’s launch almost 2 and a half years ago and clients always seemed to compliment it. But in this game we knew that anything over a year wasn’t acceptable. It’s a tough one, because client work always takes priority so for the longest time designing and development our site was pushed to the side.

We actually had another site almost built and ready for populating but because that process took so long, we felt that it would quickly become outdated so were keen to start again. We wanted to create something innovative and different, whilst maintaining our minimalistic approach with emphasis on usability.

We’ve also rebranded a little as well, moving away from our old logo and embracing what we’re so often called: BAO… (we understand that ‘By Association Only’ is a bit a mouth-full).

The new site has been live for a little under a week and has already received some amazing feedback and accolades. It has been featured on The Best DesignsCSS Light and it stands to win a prestigious ‘site of the day’ on CSS Design Awards.

As flattering as the appraisal from our peers is, the important thing for us is that our clients like the site and what we represent. Although the features are a good indicator, the real results are dictating by lead generation and opinion, which we’ll know more about in the coming few months.

Feel share to share your thoughts about the site with us here.

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