Upcoming Website Design Trends and Predictions for 2016

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Who really knows what the future holds for website design? 2014 saw the pinnacle of the much debated “flat design” trend, 2015 saw the rise of the hamburger menu and Google’s Material design so what’s in store for 2016? Here’s what we think…


Playing a huge part in website design during 2015 we saw the use of animation redefine user experience throughout many high profile websites, including Spotify’s Taster Rewind micro site. Throughout 2016 we expect website animation to become more widespread especially used on those micro interactions for loading screens, hover effects and form interactions.

Dawn of the split screen

With beautiful incarnations of the split screen already doing the rounds during 2015, January’s issue of Web Designer magazine (Issue 244) discusses interactive split screen websites in detail, dissecting the bones of our very own interpretation along the way. Could we begin to see more sites adopt the vertical, 50/50 approach in 2016?

Complex Broken Grids

With the continuation of the more graphic design led approach transitioning into the web design world, we are starting to see an increase in the complex broken grid. This is a term we’ve coined internally when discussing those layouts that utilise lots of negative space with content seemingly void of any rigid structure. They provide visual variation, drawing the eye to highlight certain elements. The best examples are a sporadic organised mess of content. What lies behind the theory however, is often very intelligent design, that, when coupled with creative development can create a veritable visual feast for the user. A couple of examples for reference include, Mabe Hair and although we appreciate this from last summer, it’s still a great example; Lois Jeans SS15 Campaign.