Sound and vision. A new identity for the Vertical Rooms

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We were approached by recording studio and music artist management company “Vertical Rooms” to create a bold & contemporary new identity to replace - by their own admission - their rather tired & ill thought-out current livery.

The Brief

To create an identity that better reflected studio’s outlook & output. One small issue: the lead time was stupidly short & that stupidly short time frame also included the requirement for printed business cards for an upcoming music conference. No pressure, then!

The Approach

The client had already expressed a liking for our design aesthetic and gave us free license to do what ever we saw fit to communicate the brand. We took the opportunity to visit to the studio out in the Cambridgeshire countryside & meet the client, listen to some of their prodigious output & immerse ourselves in the all enveloping, sound damped & twilight world of the recording studio.

It was a great experience both sonically & as an invaluable insight to client’s ethos, motivation & aspirations for the company. We came away with an overwhelming sense of depth, openness & technical prowess that would absolutely inform the design.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with new identity, both in terms of its aesthetic, which we’re told really captured atmosphere & culture of the studio; as well as in the turning around of the project around in such short order.

Thank you. The pleasure was all ours!

“And the winner is…”