Something Looks a Little Different Around Here?

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Well over the last few months the team have been busy working on the latest incarnation of and we’re extremely happy to announce version two.

Things have changed a lot behind the scenes since we established ourselves a little over a year ago and as our business goals changed too. It was important to us that those changes reflected how we represent ourselves online.

Responsive web design

Being the designers that we are, we became a little frustrated with how the site looked and functioned on mobile devices, especially with mobile internet usage rising year on year. Therefore, it was important for us that we improved on our previous iteration by providing a much smoother and considered experience for our mobile users, no matter what the screen size. The whole web industry is abuzz with the term ‘Responsive web design‘ at the moment and although its not a one size fits all solution, it’s certainly something that we wanted to factor in. Check out this page out on your mobile or tablet to see what we mean.


Headings and body copy utilise James’s favourite font, Akzidenz-Grotesk (Berthold), which you’ll see across all of our brand materials, Kulturista for the little sub-headings and for those beautiful orange buttons, PT Serif takes to the floor. All fonts are hosted by us using @font-face and the site is built on WordPress.

Pin it, like it, tweet it

For us, the new design wasn’t intended to be driven by our social profiles because it simply doesn’t need to be. This isn’t to say we don’t care about it, if anything, we love nothing more than sounding out other agencies doing great work or sharing what James had for lunch (we try NOT to do this). Enforcing sharing by displaying like, tweet and pin buttons can have its negatives as well as positives, which i