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Aug. 14, 2016

Shopify Plan Calculator: Which Price Plan is Right For Your Business?

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Given how long we've worked in the web industry and more specifically how long we've worked within the e-Commerce sector in particular (over 10 years already!), its safe to say we get asked a lot of questions by our clients. Take new Shopify users for example. One of the most commonly asked questions startups and new businesses has to be: What Shopify pricing plan is right for me?

-Basic Shopify $29All the basics for starting a new businessShopify$79Everything you need for a growing businessAdvanced Shopify$299Advanced features for scaling your business
Shopify Payments Gateway Monthly Total Cost
External Gateway Monthly Total Cost
Total Monthly Cost = (Fixed Monthly Plan Cost) + (20p * Monthly Transactions) + (Total Monthly Sales * Transaction Fee %) + (Total Monthly Sales * Credit Card Fee %)

This is intended as a rough guide and does not include the Retail Package or any 3rd party app costs. Calculations are correct as of 16/07/2016. For full pricing details visit the Shopify Pricing Page

So, we thought heck, lets put together an online Shopify pricing plan calculator on our website to provide our clients with a one stop shop (pardon the pun) to answering this burning question. 

Simply enter your projected figures into the form fields above and we'll do the rest. 

Happy calculating!

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