Immerse your consumers in an augmented shopping experience with Shopify AR

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​What was once challenging to seamlessly deliver, shopping online with augmented reality (AR) is now much easier to deliver an immersive shopping experience.​

Rather than having to download an app to shop in AR and breaking user journey, consumers on iOS 12 will now have AR Quick Look. This new feature allows products to be previewed in AR directly from the Safari browser.

What does this mean for my Shopify store?

Well, you can still have a traditional looking store with text and great photography to present your products, but now you’ll also have the ability to apply a 3D model to a product. You can do this by linking an image to a usdz file, an icon will then appear in the top right corner of the image like the one below.

Example of augmented reality (AR) icon

Now for the exciting bit...

By tapping on the icon, AR Quick Look will open in the browser allowing the consumer to place the 3D model in their own home, garage, garden – in fact anywhere they choose to!

Sure, some nice product photography will definitely help to sell your product but it’s very much one-dimensional. But granting the consumer the ability to rotate, flip and scale your product is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

The more information you can give the consumer the better they are informed to make a snap decision on purchasing your product at that very moment.

So what’s next?

The creative team here at BAO are busy putting together a demo store which will show off this new functionality so we’ll be able to demonstrate to you the full benefits of Shopify AR – stay tuned!