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Shopify’s announces powerful feature to help retailers manage multi-location inventory

Growing digital sales businesses in a global marketplace is challenging for lots of reasons - not least managing how best to efficiently serve customers across the world from distributed pools of inventory. Making sure that orders, payments and inventory line up across a global sales chain is tricky - and Shopify know this - and that’s why the team have announced a powerful new feature designed to streamline and simplify handling multi-location inventory right from the platform’s admin panel.

With Locations, retailers can now track inventory across all locations from behind the scene in Shopify. The platform is agnostic towards the type of locations - so these can be stores, warehouses or anywhere you’re keeping stock - and the tools let you add, update and review inventory individually or in bulk. This insight provides a transparent, distributed overview of multi-geography stock that allows businesses to operate more efficiently with fewer tools.

Some of the new feature’s highlights include:

  1. Separate inventory for online orders - Locations makes it easy to separate and reserve inventory for online orders and offline sales. This ensures you always have the right products on hand to fulfil online orders.
  2. Easier order fulfilment - Locations grants more control over how you fulfil your orders. It’s simple to manage which locations fulfil online orders versus which locations only sell in-person.
  3. Flexible order fulfilment - Prioritise which locations fulfil orders based on a simple algorithm and easily change which location fulfils an order.
  4. Fewer workarounds - Manage your inventory all in one place — no more complicated workarounds or additional tools.

For a full breakdown of Locations, find out more at:

For setup and configuration, find out more at: