Masc Receives CSS Design Award & is Featured by Shopify

Masc Receives Css Design Award Hero
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By Association Only proudly launched phase one of on the 17th November 2011 and within a day of going live Masc was plucked out from a number of other high profile nominations and won the CSS Design Award for the 19th November 2011.

By Association Only, upon receiving this prestigious award have been put in the hat for the ‘Designer of the Year’ award. We would like to thank all those who voted for us and really appreciate the recognition received from industry peers and judges.

With such beautiful campaign imagery with solid production behind its campaign videos, our design team created a modular grid system for it all to work seamlessly together.

Behind the Masc

Masc equips the female form with an armoured elegance & minimalist chic.

Founded by design duo, Duncan Shaw & Billy Yick, Masc has been selected by Selfridges as One of their their ‘bright young things’ and has featured in the likes of Vogue Italia, I-d magazine and vogue.Com.

Highly regarded for their unorthodox sophistication, the brand specialises in signature folding techniques, sharp tailoring and silhouette manipulation across modern collections of women’s ready-to-wear.