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Over the years we've worked on over 100 Shopify stores and each of them has someone behind the scenes with a story.

It goes without saying that some are more successful than others, so we want to focus on those that are soaring in order to help those that aren't flying so high. We'll be conducting interviews with some of our clients that are making the most of what they've got, employing the best practices and attempting to discover any tricks they've learnt that other might be able to capitalise on too.

We originally wanted to shoot and produce nice glossy videos, but as anyone who runs a busy business will understand, we simply don't don't have the time. Instead, we'll be writing a series of articles about how Shopify store owners have turned their acorns into Oak trees and used Shopify to get there.

We want learn:

  • what apps they use and how.
  • the difference that a new website makes.
  • any tricks they use to boost conversions.
  • if and when they run promotions and sales.
  • how they handle shipping and storage.
  • how they manage products and inventory.
  • anything they would recommend for new store owners.
  • and hopefully a lot more!

We're conducting interviews right now, so stay tuned for more information soon.