Business Facebook Posts: What, When & How Often?

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Business Facebook Posts: What, When & How Often?

A common problem businesses face when they take to social media is deciding on what, when and how often to post. There is no exact recipe to follow, the answer will depend on your customers and how they engage with you and your brand. However, the below steps will hopefully help you to gain these insights into your own following whilst optimising your social performance.

Share Your Story

Social media is exactly that, social… The more you can humanise your content; what you do and why, the more people will engage with you and your posts.

A great introduction to your brand can be to explain how and why you got into your industry. Equally, show some vulnerability and talk about what makes you passionate. Use statements that evoke emotion: “I love this product… “, “I just had to share this article with you”. Adding a flavour of personality to your posts will drive your engagement compared to sharing a picture of a product or a link to an article.

Agile Marketing

There are some fantastic example out there of some great Agile Marketing campaigns and taking this approach to your social media presence is easier than you would imagine.

Facebook Business Posts 1

Google Trends can help keep your Facebook Business Posts Relevant.

Join in the conversation by keeping an eye on what’s trending at the moment, which you can do in the ‘trends for you’ section on Twitter or using google trends tool, as pictured above.

Once you have your trending topic directly engage your following by talking about it or posting a relevant picture/video/article.

Below is a great example by WIRED magazine, sharing the trailer for the new Avengers Movie, which was released on the day of the post. Within the hour the post had an impressive reaction with 240 likes and 75 shares.

Facebook Business Posts 2

The post has a great sense of personality to it too, with sirens announcing the big statement that the trailer has landed. Equally tagging the 'Avengers' page is a great way of ensuring more engagement can happen.

*Top Tip - Ask your followers a question… This is a proven strategy to increase engagement as it directly encourages people to comment and makes a response more likely. If in the post above they asked 'Who else thinks this looks like the best Avengers film yet?' they would have triggered a debate in the comments section below. Instead they have only managed 7 comments which is low in comparison to the number of likes and shares.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

That’s right we really are suggesting allowing your customers to do all the hard work for you on your facebook business posts!

The idea of trust in any digital project is more important than ever. With the spread of fake news and a mistrust around all data, anything you can get your hands on to back up your company vision is a fantastic asset.

Agile Marketing campaigns and taking this approach to your social media presence is easier than you would imagine.

Facebook Business Posts - Quote 1

Engagement with user-generated posts is also boosted, as people react positively to what their peers have to say and Facebook boosts user posts rather than business/page posts.

*Top Tip - Incentivise your following to send in UGC, a photo competition with a prize for the winner/s is one of my personal favourites.

Humanise & Personalise

One thing I always emphasise to clients is that people love people, not businesses. That’s not to say people won’t engage with your brand but the more you can do to humanise your brand and showcase your personality the more people will be able to relate to you and your offering. Let's have a look at this post from Starbucks:

Facebook Business Posts 3

By introducing you to some of the female team at Starbucks they help humanise the company. In this single post, they manage to come across as a fair employer whilst also adding that personal touch by sharing pictures of the people who help make them who they are. Very clever Starbucks… we approve!

All Hail Video, The King of Content

If a picture shows a thousand words, then a video shows a thousand pictures. Not only do users engage more when they see a video, but Facebook knows this and boost video posts more than any other kind. So if you want to increase engagement (psst. You definitely do) then post a video, ideally your own content but if not share some.

Facebook Business Posts - Quote 2

*top tip - don’t add a link to a video but upload it directly to facebook if you can. Facebook will penalise you for sending users away from their site.

Posting a Link... Properly!

This might be my biggest pet peeve on Facebook business posts and there is no excuse for it, once you know how to do it properly of course! Not only will it help with your engagement per post, but it will help drive traffic to your website more effectively.

Let’s run through an example together. I want to post an article from our website onto Facebook to share with my followers. The link is, if I paste this into the post box it generates an image from the article as follows:

Facebook Business Posts 4

Once you have done that, you are ready to write a sentence or two in the box and post the article, right? Wrong! What you should be doing at this point is deleting the link… I know this sounds counterintuitive but trust me it’s the best thing to do.

If you delete the link, the picture (which takes up a good ¾ of the post) becomes a hyperlink to your article. This increases the CTR of the post as it takes up the majority of the post and is the most colourful and engaging part of the post (providing you have the right picture)! You also then get a grey link box under the post which increases the amount of space you take up on the news feed, this also is a hyperlink increasing the chance once again of someone clicking through to your site.

Facebook Business Posts 5

If you were to post without deleting the link, the URL acts as the only point of call for users to get to your article. The picture acts as a regular picture, which people can comment on and share, but doesn't achieve the main focus of your post, to drive traffic to your site.

For a test, I posted the above post, and two weeks later at the same time of day posted another article with a link to measure the response.

Facebook Business Posts 6

Notice the lack of the additional link box under the picture, meaning your post takes less space up on the newsfeed.

The results were even more exaggerated than I thought. The reach was almost 6x higher and we received over 300% more traffic to our site on the original post. Trial it yourself and let us know how you get on!

Test, Test, Test

Okay, so we should have covered some ideas for what to post, but what time of day should we be posting? You might have guessed from the heading that there is no real shortcut to finding this out other than testing it. Keep a note of when you post and how popular the post has been. After a while, you should begin to get an accurate picture of when your followers best react to your content.

Facebook Business Posts - Quote 3

Research suggests that the best times are 12, 3 and 7pm but this will vary by industry and best practices suggest to find when works best for you following.

Commit to Consistency

Try and stick to a rigid routine when it comes to the amount you post. Don’t pester people but don’t make them forget about you. Balance is key, and for most businesses 2-3 times a week is a realistic and achievable target.

*Top Tip - If you stop posting regularly you will negatively affect your page's ability to get a good organic reach, for which the only cure is to get posting regularly again.

Get In Touch

Let us know if you have any further questions or if you’d like to work on a project together, get in touch & start the conversation.