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Holy Cow! Another Awwwards 'Site of the Day' for a recently launched Shopify project, Shopskin!

We couldn't be more happy to win our second Awwwards Site of the Day, for Another Shopify Project.

We're officially the most Awwwarded Shopify agency, which to us, is a pretty big deal. Being able to create award-winning experiences on a platform like Shopify is no easy task. For starters, a good portion of the website that win aren't for clients and are experimental in nature, which removes a lot of restrictions.

Awwwards is visited by over 2 million unique users every month who vote to crown only 1 website each day of the year to win the SOTD (Site of the Day). It means a great deal within our industry to have won a SOTD and we couldn't be more flattered and honoured.

Check out the page here:

Shopskin Site Of The Day

Shopskin Site Of The Day