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We’ve been incredibly busy at BAO over the last couple of months working with a number of clients to launch new digital strategies, re-brands and websites.

Recently launched websites include our partners at a Cambridge based agency, a Mezzo-Soprano from Cardiff and a nationally recognised urban fashion label. The latter, Supremebeing, has resulted in the launch of two sites that coincides with the launch of their Autumn/Winter Collection for 2013 and also their partnership with the Dimensions festival.

Shopify Design Awards

Its been particular pleasing to hear that the Shopify store we designed for Jennifer Torosian, as part of a huge undertaken to create a complete corporate identity, was recognised as a stand out winner in the Shopify Design Awards.

“As Shopify Experts, we design & develop completely bespoke Shopify websites generating more than £3.5m in sales!”

Its great exposure for the Canadian based fashion label and its great that our work gets the recognition from our peers and industry experts alike, so go take a look at Shopify’s blog for more information.

Photo shoot for fashion designer, Jennifer Torosian

Photo shoot for fashion designer, Jennifer Torosian

Photo shoot for fashion designer, Jennifer Torosian

Photo shoot for fashion designer, Jennifer Torosian

Away from the limelight, the team have been working hard on further branding projects for a variety of clients. Aside from Jennifer Torosian, we’ve successfully launched the CMS re-brand as well as a up and coming task management iOS app, Gneo.

Stay tuned & follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

“I would recommend By Association Only because of the standard of work quality and work ethic. They were also very quick to offer advice and recommendations that were needed to create a better performing site.”

Shopify Experts

We're Shopify Experts, and that means that Shopify have assessed both our design and development abilities and accredited us with Expert status. So if you're a start-up or established business, thinking about getting your business online then get in touch. We have a wealth of experience to help you realise your online potential.